This fun and educational short book includes common and uncommon jungle animals meeting up together to go to a party. Ten jungle animals are introduced as the story goes on counting up from 1 to 10. The story is also niched down to a specific category setting which is the jungle. And animal sounds are included, as well as some rhyming words. The visuals are fun, animated and bright for all toddlers to enjoy.

It's the perfect book for your little one to learn early concepts while enjoying the illustrations!

Available in English
& Spanish!

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    Gabriela Mendoza

    ITDS/ Author

    Who am I?

    Hello, my name is Gabriela Mendoza, an American/ Colombian soul who's currently a practicing Speech Therapist & an Infant Toddler Developmental Specialist (ITDS) since 2013. A self-published Author for children books, who obtains a degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders, and Psychology.

    What will you learn?

    As a Speech Therapist and Infant Toddler Developmental Specialist, I made sure to include early sounds, vowel sounds, s- blends, & voiceless/voiced sounds as well! It's an easy way to help your child learn concepts, nouns, and verbs receptively and expressively!

    There are many tactics you can use with just this book alone. Some example are as follows: you can ask your child to identify nouns or verbs, ask to imitate the animal sounds, retell short paragraphs, ask to imitate that animal's facial expressions, or even try to have your toddler read along for a bed time story. The list goes on!